Adm. (Retd.) Travis Sinniah


Adm. (Retd.) Travis Sinniah

Former Commander of the Sri Lankan Navy

Admiral Travis Jeremy Liyanduru Sinniah served as the 21st Commander of the Sri Lanka Navy and retired after 37 years of active service. He has also served as the Commander of Sri Lanka’s Eastern Naval Area, as Flag Officer Commanding the Naval Fleet, serving in all seagoing squadrons and has held several staff positions at Naval Headquarters.

Born in Kandy and educated at Trinity College, Admiral Sinniah joined the Sri Lankan Navy as an officer Cadet in 1982. He underwent basic training at the Naval and Maritime Academy and graduated from the Britannia Royal Naval College, Dartmouth in 1986.

Thereafter, he received specialised training at HMS Dryad, HMS Mercury, HMS Collingwood and HMS Vernon, and specialised in naval communications and electronic warfare at HMS Mercury and INS Venduruthy. He has attended the Defence Services Staff College, Wellington, gaining a Master’s degree in Science in Defence and Strategic Studies. He is a Counter-terrorist Fellow who graduated from the National Defence University of Washington and holds the honour of being the Distinguished Graduate of his course. He also holds a Diploma in International Studies.

Admiral Sinniah is a specialist in counter-terrorism and littoral warfare. He was nominated to direct the Maldivian Defence Forces in formulating a maritime security strategy and anti-counter terrorism doctrine, which was implemented in 2008. A highly decorated officer, he has been mentioned in dispatches and personally commended by the President of Sri Lanka for acts of conspicuous bravery, exceptional gallantry and outstanding service to the nation.